Special application for anyone willing to learn about the secrets of the Morse Code messaging. Become a true expert. Transmit messages, play and train with the combination of signs! The clear interface and useful functions allow learning this technique the easy way. The application consists of five modules.

Message Coding Module
Text to Morse Code:
Writing and transmitting coded messages by e-mail or SMS. Audio messages are also available.
Text to Morse Code conversion.
Message playing in audio mode.
Light signal emission from a written text
Adding written messages to "Favorites"
Message Decoding Module
Morse Code to text:
Insert any Morse Code in the form and convert into letters
learn a message content with one click.
Morse Code:
Play and learn new combinations of signs.
Game Center available
Available equipment: The Morse telegraph and The Morse Code signal lamp.
8 extended game stages – each in three difficulty levels – finish all and become an expert.
Handbook for a true coder, which includes:
Letters – a full description of signs for each letter in most of the world’s languages.
Special signs.
Prepare a set of favourite messages and send within a few seconds!

App Store
Platform iPhone/iPad
iOS 6.0 and later
Last version 2.5